Should You Purchase A Zero Turn Mower? Answers These Questions To Find Out

Zero turn mowers are designed to eliminate the need for trimming around edges and to provide smooth movement. If you're considering buying one of these machines, you should first answer a few questions to determine if one is really necessary for your life.

How Do Zero Turn Mowers Work?

These mowers have two drive wheels on the back. You control the speed of each tire individually to determine how it moves. The best way to describe this is to imagine pushing a shopping cart. When you put pressure equally on the handle of a cart it moves straight ahead. When you put more pressure on the right side and less on the left the cart turns. That's how the zero turn mower works, too. You speed up or slow down the tires to make it move by using throttles, joysticks, or a steering wheel.

Can You Adapt to Different Controls?

If you've been using a regular riding lawn mower with a steering wheel then you will have to adapt to the new controls. While the controls seem easy, especially if you've ever pushed a shopping cart, they will take some time to get used to because this is more complicated than a shopping cart. If you struggle with doing two things at the same time, which is the case with manipulating two drive tires, then you might get frustrated with the zero turn mower. If not, you'll get the hang of it easy enough.

Do You Have Lots of Obstacles On Your Lawn?

The best feature of a zero turn mower is the ability to navigate around obstacles with ease while still cutting the grass as close to the edges as possible. You won't need to trim those stray blades of grass after you've mowed. This saves time and effort on your part. Do you have a lawn with lots of obstacles, such as patios, garden planters, or playground equipment? Do you cut lawns as a business where your customers might have lawns with lots of obstacles? If yes, then you could benefit from this feature. If not, you might just be paying more for a feature you won't use.

Can You Afford the Cost?

Zero turn motors on mowers cost a bit more than a regular riding mower. If you cut lawns as a business, you could justify the cost because you'll make your money back as you work.

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