3 Ways To Pick Up Leaves With Far Less Effort

Your blower does an excellent job of rounding up the leaves and other debris. However, what do you plan to do after that? Many people have no problem with putting on some gloves and picking it all up. Many others may not have the ability to, or don't want to. Here's some other options for picking up the leaves.

1. Blow Leaves and Debris Onto a Tarp or Sheet

One way to make leaf pickup easy is to direct the leaves onto an old sheet or a tarp. Once you have them rounded up, you can fold them up and drag the whole thing to the curb for pickup. If you have to put them into special containers, this process will still make it a little easier for you.

Really, this can apply to anything that can contain most of the leaves. If your aim is good, and you have help, you can blow the leaves directly into an overturned trashcan or bag.

2. Blow the Leaves into the Woods

If you have a wooded area behind or to the side of your home, then you can blow the leaves there. Leave them there and let nature take its course. This way, there's no pickup involved at all.

Make sure you blow them far enough into the wooded area so they don't blow back into the yard. Also, scatter the leaves; don't make a pile of them in the woods. Do not blow leaves into the street.

3. Vacuum the Leaves Up

There are two ways to vacuum up leaves.

Invest in a blower/vacuum combo – Many blowers also come with vacuuming action. Or, you can add dedicated vacuum attachments to them. Generally, these work best with smaller yards. Since the bags attach to a leaf blower - which isn't that large to begin with - they cannot typically hold very large amounts of leaves.

They can come in especially handy for leaf removal from crevices and hard-to-reach places. Using a combo appliance will firmly take the majority of the leaf pickup effort off your shoulders.

Invest in a dedicated leaf vacuum – Leaf and lawn vacuums are larger, dedicated pieces of machinery. They can gather the leaves and compact them. You can find walk-behind models, as well as lawnmower attachments.

There's More You Can Do with Your Leaves

You can do a lot more with your leaves. You can mow them, and use the shredded leaves to nourish your lawn. You can also use the shredded leaves as mulch. You can even just leave the leaves where they are. There are benefits to letting the leaves sit on the lawn.

You don't have to spend time bending over to fill up bags. Let your blower do its job, then use one of these methods to finish up. For more information, talk to a professional like Wagoner Power Equipment.

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