Grow Crops On Your Apartment's Balcony Or Patio

Apartment living doesn't provide plenty of personal yard space, but this doesn't mean that you need to sacrifice your gardening hobby. A raised garden bed kit that consists of a wooden or plastic structure will provide you with a viable way to grow lush strawberries, crisp cucumbers, or healthy stalks of celery, and you can store and display your bounty on your balcony or the patio entrance to your rental unit.

Choose Your Garden Style

A horizontal garden bed may have a table-like appearance, including posts and a flat surface that contains a plastic or wooden wall support that surrounds the area that seeds will be planted in. A vertical garden bed could contain one or more tiers that are suspended by metal or wooden supports.

A vertical bed's recessed design will make it possible to store a variety of different crops without needing to be concerned about some of the crops being prohibited from receiving direct access to sunlight.

A kit that contains removable tiers will allow you to change the layout of the display as desired. If you have some plant varieties that have been outdoors on consecutive sunny days and you would like to place the plants in a shady area, you can do so temporarily by removing the tiers that contain these crops.

Make Room Outdoors

If your balcony contains an abundance of furnishings and decor, or if the patio entrance has items strewn about, remove some of the clutter so that there will be ample room for the flower bed. The bed can be used as a decoration and should be the focal point in the area that you choose to store it. Before planting your crops, open the garden bed's packaging and remove the loose pieces that are inside of it.

Identify the hardware that is needed during the assembly process and lay out the garden bed pieces across a flat surface. Move slowly through the assembly steps and after completing each step, refer to the illustration in the directions that corresponds to the step to compare your results with the manufacturer's. Once the assembly is complete, carry the bed outside.

Fill each holder with soil and seeds. Upon covering the seeds, use a watering can or garden sprayer to moisten the soil. If the bed contains a self-watering disk, a drainage reservoir will trap excess water and prevent it from over-soaking each plant's roots.

For more information about the right garden bed kit for your outdoor space, contact companies like Durable Green Bed.

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