3 Ways To Use Black Mulch In Your Landscape

Brown or red mulch are common colors seen in landscapes, but black mulch can give a unique aesthetic and has other benefits. When you are thinking about redoing your landscape, consider how using a dark mulch can create a beautiful look.


The deep, rich color of black mulch can provide the ideal way to create contrast in your landscape. For example, if your walkway is light in color, especially white or light gray stone or concrete, adding black mulch on each side of the walkway can make the lighter color stand out. You can enhance this contrast at night by having lights run along your walkway. The light will bounce off the lighter color and can make your walkway have a glowing effect against the mulch. When using black mulch to create contrast, you will need to be mindful of other colors in the area, or you will not create the right effect. Black works great to accent red roses or other bright colors but can make deep greens seem to blend into the mulch.


Since heat is absorbed by dark colors, use black mulch to give your plants additional warmth in the colder months. As the weather begins to change, place a thick layer of mulch at the base of plants and trees in your yard. If you live in an area that experiences winter precipitation, such as snow and sleet, being able to raise the temperature a few degrees through the use of black mulch can make the frozen precipitation melt faster once the temperature begins to increase and the sun is out. Black mulch may be helpful for plants in your window since it can be challenging to give them sunlight during the cooler months when you also risk them being exposed to the colder temperatures or a draft near the window.


Due to the dark color of black mulch, it can work well as a way to hide areas of your landscape, especially during the warmer months. There may be areas of your lawn that are bare and grass does not grow well. Instead of leaving these bald spots noticeable, you may want to add black mulch. Additionally, the weed suppression effects of using mulch can prevent weeds from emerging in the bald spots of your lawn. Another way you can use black mulch for blending is preventing a sharp line of demarcation between your home and surrounding plants if your home is darker in color. Using red mulch or other colors may not look as nice against your home due to the sharp contrast in colors. Sometimes a darker color is necessary for a more seamless transition.

When you want a simple way to transform your landscape, consider using black mulch. This color of mulch has the benefit of keeping your plants warm in the cooler months, and creating color contrast or seamless blending, depending on the way it is used.

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