Add A Monochromatic Flowerbed To Your Property

A monochromatic flowerbed will accentuate your property with a burst of color. If you have an old barn on your land, envision a large group of dark blue or vibrant pink flowers that are growing next to the wooden structure.

Do You Prefer Straight Lines Or Natural Curves?

Decide how you would prefer the flowers to be arranged. You can either create a standard flowerbed that contains straight lines or you could go for a more natural approach, which would consist of flowers being planted inside of a plot that has rounded edges. Decide how far you would like the feature to extend from the barn. Flowers that are planted right next to the structure may not receive direct sunlight, so you would need to plant varieties that don't require full sun. As the bed extends outward, add varieties that require partial or full sunlight.

How Many Flower Varieties Do You Want To Use?

Do you prefer plants that possess large blooms and thin stalks or would you like to cover bare sections on the ground by choosing varieties that contain dense foliage and many small or moderate-sized blooms? First, decide what color will complement the wooden structure. Pale wooden boards or ones that are showing signs of wear may look newer and less weathered if you choose a bright color that overpowers the building materials.

Additionally, you need to decide how much topsoil you will need to complete the project and the number of plant varieties that you would like to add to the feature. Either purchase small plants and transfer them to the property or purchase seeds and bulbs and plant them in the fresh soil. Topsoil contains all of the nutrients that are necessary for plants to survive. The soil should be matched closely to the soil variety that is already on your property.

For example, if there is some soil surrounding the barn, but you will need additional soil to support the flowerbed, look at the soil or bring a sample of it with you when you are planning to purchase several bags of topsoil. Use the sample to compare soil varieties that are being sold, so that you select one that is the same color and texture as the soil that is naturally found on the property.

Do You Need To Add A Wind Deterrent?

After you clear the land, add topsoil, and plant seeds, bulbs, or young plants, you may want to add a border around the feature. A border will act as a wind deterrent and will prevent soil from shifting across other parts of the property. Concrete blocks, bricks, or paving stones can all be used to create an attractive border. Align the materials around the edge of the bed and press them into the soil.

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