4 Tips For Using Flagstone In A Hardscaping Project

Flagstone is an ideal landscaping stone that can be used for paths, patios, and pool decks. There are different types of flagstone, and these different types have different appearances and qualities. A stone supplier can help you choose the right stone for your needs. For instance, if you want flagstone for a pool deck, then you need stone that can tolerate chlorine and water. Here are four tips for using this type of landscaping stone for DIY projects.

1. Choose Pieces You Can Handle

Flagstone comes in different sizes and weights. If you're using it to build a driveway, you'll want thick, sturdy stones. These are often shaped into pavers that are small enough to handle easily. If you like the appearance of irregular stones for a walkway, then be sure to handle the stones to see what you can move easily. While larger stones make the work go faster, you may find the big ones too difficult to work with once you get them home.

2. Lay Out A Test Area First

If you're planning to put in a walkway, arrange the stones in the grass first to get an idea of how they will fit together and how the color variations should be spaced. This can save you from moving the stones around on the prepared base and disrupting it. You'll have defined borders to work with on your walkway, and fitting irregular stones is a bit like working a jigsaw puzzle. You want the stones positioned just right so there are minimal gaps between them.

3. Consider The Origin Of The Stone

Flagstone comes from different geographic locations, and that can affect the price, since shipping stone is costly. Learn what types are available locally so you can get quality stone at a good price. If you're hoping for stone of a particular color or quality and it's not local stone, be sure that you can find it in a number of places in case you need additional stones in the future.

4. Consider Dry Set For DIY Installation

Flagstone can be dry set in sand or wet set in mortar. Dry set is quicker and easier for a DIY installation, and it's less expensive. Dry-set installations also allow rain to filter in the soil and reduce runoff. Dry-set pavers are also easier to repair. One of the most common repairs that needs to be done is to make the stones level after frost heaving or washing away of the sand. Uneven stones are trip hazards, and you can fix this problem by pulling up a stone and leveling the sand underneath it.

For more information, contact a flagstone supplier in your area.

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