Questions To Ask Before Scheduling Gravel Delivery

Gravel delivery services can be an extremely convenient and efficient way to transport large amounts of gravel material to your property. You can have gravel delivered on a regular schedule for purposes that may require frequent gravel additions, or you can have a one-time delivery. 

But before you schedule your first gravel delivery, you're going to have to answer a few questions. Here are some questions to ask yourself before you schedule a gravel delivery.

How much gravel do you need?

Calculating how much gravel you'll need is the first step. Keep in mind that ending up with a bit too much gravel is better than falling short and not being able to complete your project. Next, determine how deep the gravel will have to be in the area where you'll spread it.

You can then multiply that number by the size of the area that needs gravel coverage. Remember to use the same unit for each number. So if your area is ten feet by twenty feet, you'll need to multiply that by the number of feet of gravel depth needed (rather than inches) to get the number of cubic feet needed. To make things easier, you can use an online gravel calculator for your math.

Will gravel delivery save you money?

In some cases, if you only need a very small amount of gravel and you have a vehicle that can easily haul it, gravel delivery may not be financially necessary. But if your project needs a sizeable amount of gravel, a medium-sized hauling vehicle won't do the trick. In this case, paying for a delivery service may be more cost-effective than your other options (such as taking several trips to haul the gravel or renting a large truck).

Which type of gravel will work best?

If you haven't done many landscaping or construction projects, you may not realize how many types of gravel, crushed stone, and similar materials are available. For instance, before you pick up the phone to order, you'll need to know if you want pea gravel or crushed stone gravel.

You'll also need to know if you require a large size of gravel or a smaller size. In some cases, such as when constructing a driveway, you may even need multiple sizes of gravel. If you're unsure which size will perform best, your gravel supplier may be able to recommend a size based on what type of project you need it for.

These questions will help you make sure you're on the right track and ready to pick up the phone to order gravel delivery for your project. Be sure to choose a reputable gravel delivery company and get price quotes from multiple companies if you want to make sure you're getting the best deal.

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