Choosing Grow Lights For Your Business

Agricultural enterprises will often need to invest in creating indoor grow spaces. In addition to allowing the crops to be kept secure, this can also allow for the perfect growing conditions to be provided. Unfortunately, there are many incorrect assumptions about grow light options, which can lead to individuals making poor choices for their company's needs.

Assumption: There Are No Energy Efficient Grow Light Options

Reducing operating costs is an important option for keeping your agricultural business as profitable as possible. Unfortunately, many business owners may not be aware of the benefits that can come from opting for LED growing light options. These lights will be able to effectively provide light for your plants while minimizing the amount of energy that is being used. Considering a large number of grow lights that these firms may require, this improvement in efficiency can lead to sizable savings.

Assumption: Grow Lights Are Extremely Difficult To Adjust

Over the course of the life of your crop, the lighting needs for the plants will vary and change. For example, the plants may need a different intensity of light when they are in the flowering stage versus when the plants are seedlings. In addition to adjusting the intensity and spectrum of the light, it may also be necessary to adjust the distance from the lights to the plants. If the lights are too far from the seedlings, it can lead to the stem of these plants stretching and becoming weak. Luckily, LED growing options can be easily adjusted to perfectly match the lighting needs of your plants. Many modern LED growing light systems can include smart capabilities that will allow the intensity, duration, and wavelength of light to be adjusted from a control panel for all of the lights. Additionally, these lights will typically be on tracks that can make it easy to quickly adjust the height of the lights so they are the optimal distance from the plants.

Assumption: LED Grow Lights Have Worse Performance Than Traditional Grow Light Systems

The effectiveness of the grow lights that you are using can have a major impact on the productivity of your crops. Without sufficient light, the plants may struggle to grow quickly and they may be more vulnerable to a number of health problems. There can be a belief among some individuals that LED lights will not be as effective as more traditional lighting options. Yet, LED systems can be just as effective as more energy-intensive lights. In fact, these lights can have their own performance benefits as the LED fixtures will produce comparable amounts of light while generating far less heat. 

For additional info, contact a company that sells LED grow lights. 

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